Oriane was created in 2006 by Mohamed IKHIWACH

Oriane is a transformation company specialised in organic aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils and trading for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro-food industry.

The goal of Oriane is to offer the best to its customers with regards to the product quality and respond to their needs of transformation (fine cuts, powder, granulation, blends, bactericidal treatment)




To facilitate this work, Mohamed IKHIWACH has established two fellow companies besides Oriane. One located in Morocco and one in France.

In 2007, he created IB Arôme in Marrakech, specialised in the production of aromatic and medicinal plant, essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils from Morocco.

This society is charged to supervise its own culture, organise, control and develop a network of effective and serious producer.

It often realises control of the plant’s gathering zone and cultivation area, drying condition, distillation and storage.

2018, see the creation of ORIANAGRI in Courpière, specialised in dry and fresh aromatic and medicinal plants production, all harvested in France.

As well as IB Arôme in Morocco, it organises, supervises and sources producers and pickers of organic plants to guaranty a reliable supply chain in France.




One of the main goal of Oriane is the sourcing and evaluation of the origin and the organic quality of its product among its customers.

Selected suppliers in France and Morocco have to respect strict production constraints in order to insure products line with production mode of organic farming and food and sanitary safety norm.

Oriane has been committed for many years in the concrete approach of quality and traceability policy improving every day’s safety, thanks to the implementation of GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice), GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), HACCP method (Prevention of hazards in production processes), GMP (Good manufacturing Practice) and IFS (International Food Standard).

The management of our production through an ERP, allows us to increase the monitoring of the quality and traceability during the entire process of the product processing.

Oriane is a society of processing plants, and has 6 lines of transformation: crushing, cuting/sieving, spray, granulation, bactericidal and insecticide treatment. Oriane equipped itself in 2018 of a bactericidal and insecticide treatment, allowing it to answer to its best to the different customers’ requirement. The company has also a laboratory for the filtration and the sedimentation of the essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils.

Oriane owns a logistic platform for the reception, storage and shipping.