Oriane was set up in 2006 by Mohamed IKHIWACH

Oriane is a company specialized in producing and processing of organic aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils (certified by ECOCERT FR-BIO-01). The range of our organic botanicals products is fit for industry (food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics).

In addition to its capacity in terms of production of organic plants, Oriane offers an expertise in the processing of dried organic plants (herbalist cuts, extraction cuts, fine cuts, tea bag cuts, fine powder, granulation, blends, germ reduction – steam treatment – and stock preservation – CO2 treatment).

In order to carry out this business, Mohamed IKHIWACH has set up two subsidiaries: IB Arôme (in Morocco) and Orianagri (in France)

In 2007, he set up the IB Arôme company in Marrakech. This company is specialized in the production and processing of organic aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, hydrolats and vegetable oils from Morocco.

The company is in charge of organizing the production in its own farms and is responsible for monitoring a network of skilled and reliable farmers (around 800 hectars are organic certified in Morocco). All the plants grown in IB AROME’s farms are “Global GAP” certified.

IB AROME regularly controls the plants gathering sites and cultivation farms, as well as drying of the collected plants, distillation and storage.

In France, Mohamed IKHIWACH has set up the Orianagri subsidiary in 2018 (close to the headquarters of Courpière). This company is specifically dedicated to the organic plants from France.

ORIANAGRI organizes, supervises and makes long term contracts with the producers, farmers and collectors of organic aromatic and medicinal plants from France.

One of the main assets of Oriane is the expertise in the sourcing of organic plants.

All suppliers are carefully selected; they have to take commitment in order to meet the high quality requirements (with regard to the organic certification and to the food and hygiene safety standards).

In France and Morocco, by cooperating with our producers in full partnership through contract farming and monitoring, we guarantee a reliable supply chain.

We follow up the traceability and the quality of the plants through the entire cycle of production

and process, from the seed stage to the delivery of our products.

We manage our traceability via ERP; this allows us to increase this monitoring during the

different steps of processing of products.

We have a full commitment to quality. Analyses of the plants are carried out regularly by independant laboratories, with regard to our organic certification.

ORIANE is implementing a concrete policy of quality and traceability :

Implementation of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) in farms.

Implementation of Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) for every site of production and processing.

Implementation of the HACCP method (prevention of hazards in production processes).

We are “IFS Food ” certified (International Featured Standard for Food) in France and our company IB AROME in Morocco is “BRC Food” certified (british standard).

Our expertise regarding medicinal plants goes from growing to gathering and processing.

We have appropriate processing facilities that enable us to meet your needs, and to offer you our large line of made-to-measure products :

  • Raw dried plants (unprocessed or in coarse cut form).
  • Processed dried Plants (fine cuts, tea-bag cut).
  • Powders (fine powders).
  • Granulates (processed from fine powders).
  • Germ reduction treatment.
  • Stock protection (CO2 treatment).
  • Blends and mixtures (we mix and blend all types of cuts for all different plants, along with natural flavors and essential oils).
  • Fresh frozen plants.
  • Buds and young shoots (fresh or frozen).
  • Essential oils from the distillation of aromatic plants.
  • Hydrolats from the distillation of aromatic plants.
  • Vegetable oils.