Oriane’s values

For more than 15 years, Mohamed IKHIWACH travels around Morocco to meet producers, farmers, plant enthusiasts ready to follow him in his project, and to reach the organic standard. At the same time, he has set up a network of reliable collectors, in France, who have a perfect knowledge of plants.

This close relationship with plant specialists allows Oriane to offer high quality products but also to know exactly where the plants come from and where they are produced. The traceability and the quality of our products are the core values of our company.

Since its inception, Oriane has been specialized in the organic market. Today, its whole line of products is organic certified.

Oriane has forged close links with many certified and independent laboratories which daily follow us in our quality policy and help us to improve our know-how and the quality of the products that we offer.

Oriane has also started a project for getting a FAIRTRADE certification for plants from France and Morocco.

Key player in the business of yellow Gentian since day one, we are working in close relationship with the GENTIANA LUTEA association which promotes the good practices of collection and processing of this rare and highly demanded plant. We collect and process yellow Gentian roots in accordance with the [Good Practice Guide].